Finding balance through escape, with some help from Dune

December 2020

Investing publicly and making art

August 2020

An attempt to determine what "risk-adjusted returns" in PE and VC actually are

July 2020

"Solo capitalists" in venture capital & the fundraising game behind the investing game

June 2020

Emoji-driven movements & creating momentum in fundraising
When to use our platforms & VC's capacity constraints & aligning LP-GP incentives

May 2020

LPs as remix artists & "hype" in fundraising & the investor playing field
The two-month sprint & "out of business" LPs & the blurring of LPs and GPs
The "time to build" for LPs & banded returns in software companies & unlocking talent in the private markets

April 2020

Scott Malpass' retirement from Notre Dame & private equity's reckoning & health security & the "time to build"
The fundraising window & preparedness for change & the new social contract
Private alpha vs. private equity & autarky & the three current crises