Jul 20, 2020Liked by Peter Teneriello

Why not do a Solo FoF? I can think of a bunch of hot ones right off the top of my head.

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Aug 8, 2020Liked by Peter Teneriello

I've been interested in whether a similar trend can emerge with private equity GPs. I would think of it in the context of a platform that provides operational support (e.g. operating partners/executives in residence) and a back-office infrastructure, but each individual "GP" is managing their own pool of capital. Could be an exit option for junior/mid-level investors who are facing office politics and succession planning concerns at established managers. In my LP days, a lot of the evaluation work was done at the individual Partner/Principal level, so while the "firm" was a consideration, the focus was very much on the "deal leads". Would love to hear your perspective on potential challenges with such a set up.

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